Please note that many of these questions are pulled from the info sheet for this year’s zine, if you don’t see your question on this page please check out the info sheet here as it may have your question answered there.


Do you have any additional copies of the zine available?


Honestly, probably not. You are welcome to shoot us an email at [email protected] if you have missed the preorder window and see if we have any extra copies, but the answer is probably no, sorry. Fat Craft is pre-order ONLY. Meaning you can only order it well before we have the actual copies of the zine in our hands. This assures that we don’t have any dead stock sitting around, and that we can donate our proceeds as promptly as possible.


Why didn’t I get into the zine?


First of all, please please know it is absolutely not personal. Sending out rejection e-mails is truly the worst part of this process for both of us, and it sucks. We get about 150 applications per year, and while we wish we could be able to accept everyone, we simply do not have the time or capacity to attend to that many artists. We reject artists for many reasons, you are welcome to shoot us an e-mail if you have any additional questions for us regarding this.


I ordered a zine, where is my order?


If you’re concerned that your items have gotten lost in the mail or you’re worried your order has been forgotten about or missed, please shoot us an e-mail at [email protected] and we can look into it for you. However, if your items have not shipped yet please check out this page with our current status of getting the zines and shipping them out. Please note that Fat Craft is pre-order only, meaning we do not have the products at the time of you placing your order and that we need to order the items and have them arrive to us before we can ship them to you.

How many artists are you planning on accepting?

Somewhere around 50-60 applicants.

I contributed previously, can I apply this year too?

Yes! We are looking to prioritize new voices this time around (we had so many good applications last time, it was so hard to choose), but that doesn’t mean that creators who contributed to our first and second volumes will not be in the third volume as well.


I noticed on the application that you’re prioritizing fat creators, what does that mean?

We (Jess & Shelby) are both fat creators and would like to amplify the voices of our fellow fat creators, so we are prioritizing those who identify as fat when it comes to choosing who will be in this zine. This doesn’t mean thin creators won’t be in the zine or that thin creators are discouraged from applying, just that fat creators will take the priority and the forefront of this zine. It is a zine about fat monsters, after all. We hope you understand!

Are there restrictions on the kind of content I can make for this zine?

It’s all gotta be SFW! No explicit sexual content, fetish art, gore/violence ect. A little boob or butt is ok, though!

Can I submit traditional art?

Sure can! Just be sure to use a scanner and scan it in at 300DPI at the proper measurements.

Can I submit writing/other media?

Sorry, we're just looking for illustrations/visual art! We're open to any kind of visual art: sculpture, comic pages, ect!!

What are the specifications and dimensions of the artwork?

Completed pieces should be 5.5x8.5 inches, (portrait/vertical ways) with a 1/8 inch of bleed on all sides, just in case! All files should be at 300DPI, CMYK and TIFF files.

Will the zine be printed?

Yes! We’ll be printing it in full color. A PDF version will be available, as well.

Are backgrounds required? Are you gonna make me draw a background?

Yes and no. There’s gotta be SOMETHING back there, whether it’s an entire, lovingly rendered monster lair, or a carefully selected flat color. No plain
white, please!

Will those who are making the merchandise be in the zine, as well?

Yeah! Make sure to note on your application if you’re interested in designing merchandise or having your piece included as a print, because we’re going to be choosing who gets to make the physical goodies from our pool of talented artists! We will not be having artists who are only making merch, so if you’re up for the task of making a piece and merch, please note it on your application!

Are the artists of this zine being compensated?

Everyone that participates in the zine will receive a pdf of the zine. All artists that design merchandise will also get a set of the merch plus the zine pdf. Artists won’t have to pay for the shipping of their own products.


Where’s the money going, though?

The money is first going to go towards any production costs for merchandise, as well as shipping the contributing artists their merchandise. Any additional profits we make will be going to NOLOSE.

What’s NOLOSE?

NOLOSE is an organization dedicated to ending the oppression of fat people and creating vibrant fat queer culture. They center fat people of the LGBT, queer, trans and sex positive communities through outreach programs, conferences and workshops. You can find out more about them and all the great things they do on their website right here: NOLOSE.org

Are there progress check ins?

You bet! They will be communicated via e-mail (from [email protected]). The first check-in will be on August 20th, and the second one will be September 9th, unless we feel more are needed!

How will the zine and merchandise be sold?

We will have an online store set up! Info to come.

Wait! I have another question!

Oh yeah? Shoot us an e-mail at [email protected] and we'll do our best to answer your question!